Dr. Michael W. Shifflett, M.D.

Joint Replacement | General Orthopaedic Surgery

A Napa Valley native and orthopaedic surgeon for more than 22 years, Dr. Shifflett uses specialized instrumentation and advanced techniques in joint replacement of the hip and knee. He is focused on relieving arthritic and other debilitating joint pain, developing a personalized treatment plan for each patient that results in restored pain-free mobility.
Dr. Diana has performed over 1500 hip replacement surgeries using the anterior hip replacement approach and more than 3500 total knee joint replacement surgeries.

Senior partner in Napa Valley Orthopaedics, Dr. Shifflett was recognized as Healthcare Professional of the Year 2010 for his efforts in the Napa community. He has served as Chief of Surgery at Queen of the Valley Hospital and is a longtime volunteer in orthopaedic care programs for local residents. Having raised their three children in St. Helena, Dr. Shifflett and his wife spend free time bicycling.

Michael W. Shifflett M.D. Credentials

"I consider this nothing short of a miracle."

I have always had a very active life style and was growing increasingly frustrated when painful and undependable knees forced me to restrict my activities…

"Having hip surgery may have been one of my best decisions to date"

I was living with everyday hip pain at about level 6 with frequent spikes to 9+ (on scale of 1 to 10.) It was the worst when I went from lying or sitting down, to getting up and moving…

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